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You may be eligible for the P2 program to relocate to the United States if you worked for a US NGO or media organization (even when it was not funded by US Government).

Official website: - see "Instructions for U.S.-Based Media & U.S.-Based NGOs Afghan P2 Referrals"

What to do

  • You must leave Afghanistan to any other country with a US Embassy (e.g. anywhere except Iran where there is no US Embassy) before getting a P2 referral [1].
  • The most senior US citizen of the media organization must submit the following by email to the address mentioned in the instructions:
    • Complete referral form
    • Complete employment verification form
    • Scans of the following documents (this is optional to include but highly encouraged if available):
      • Documents to establish identity: passport; national ID; birth certificates
      • Documents to establish relationships: marriage, divorce, death, and/or birth certificates
      • Documents to establish employment history: employment badges, employer affidavits